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There are many new features on the GEGS career guidance platform. The aim of the new features introduced is to increasingly improve and optimize the speed and success of the job search process.

One of the latest feature introduced on the platform by Jobiri are the practitioners’ contact details. Let us discover it in details.

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A new career guidance experience

Now candidates can enjoy incredible benefits thanks to a new feature introduced within the GEGS platform. Users now have the option of having their practitioners’ contact details highlited within their personal area.

This feature radically improves the career guidance experience and makes professional support more tangible and easily accessible.

Main benefits of this functionality for the GEGS platform

Thanks to this new feature, there are several benefits for job seekers:

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1) Instant and direct communication

Thanks to the priority given to the practitioner’s contact details, candidates will be able to communicate instantly with him/her. This instant connection will therefore allow job seekers to more easily resolve doubts, ask for advices or share progress without having to wait for answers that take longer, such as e-mail or other messaging platforms.

2) Constant and customized support

With contact data always at hand, candidates have the opportunity to receive more personalized and timely support. It will be easier for the practitioner to offer guidance and feedback that is targeted and conform to the specific needs of the candidate, allowing for a faster and more meaningful development in the career path.

3) Greater involvement

Thanks to the immediate availability of contact data, candidates will feel more involved and motivated in their career development. The constant presence of the practitioner as a point of reference provides security and confidence in achieving professional goals.

4) Simplified commitment management

With the practitioner’s contact data easily accessible, candidates can plan career guidance sessions, meetings or calls with greater agility. This will improve time management and enable both parties to better organize their professional commitments.

5) Real-time feedback

The ability to contact practitioner in real time allows candidates to receive feedback on current work situations or projects at the appropriate time. This helps to improve work quality and reduce response time while addressing challenges or issues.

6) Building stronger relationships

Easy communication with the practitioner also contributes to the development of stronger and more authentic relationships between the candidate and the practitioner. This, in turn, will promote a collaborative and positive working environment.

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