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In recent years, the landscape of online platforms has seen considerable changes. From the rise of ‘mobile first’ technologies to changing user habits.

One of Jobiri’s biggest challenges is to ensure that candidates find what they are looking for quickly and are satisfied with the service. For this reason, we decided to redesign the home page of the GEGS platform. Here is how we came to this decision and why we made certain changes.

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The process of optimizing homepage for the GEGS Project

1) Listening to candidates

The first step in our decision to redesign the home page was to listen to our beneficiaries’ feedbacks in order to make it easier for them to navigate the site and immediately find the information they are looking for.

2) Data analysis

With the help of various analysis tools, we examined how job seekers interact with the home page and identified areas for improvement and optimization.

3) Pure user service logic

Our main purpose is to transform the GEGS homepage to make it even more functional for job seekers. This action means making information and interaction with services even clearer, more accessible, simpler and built around their needs and wishes to feel supported.

Main advantages of the new homepage for GEGS

Here are some of the key changes we have implemented for Gegs:

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  • +150.000 persone hanno già scelto il nostro servizio

  • Simplified navigation

We have restructured the categories and texts to ensure even more intuitive and unobstructed navigation.

  • Responsive design

Considering the increased use of mobile devices, we have further improved the user experience of the platform on all devices.

  • Clear and direct content

We have reduced information overload, presenting only what is most relevant and useful for candidates.

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  • Focus on results

We believe in the power of our customers’ success stories. We have therefore focused on the results of using the platform on their own search path.

  • Clearer Call-to-Action

To facilitate interaction and use of the system, we have made all CTAs (Call-to-Action) more visible and intuitive, guiding job seekers to desired actions.

It has always been Jobiri’s goal to ensure that candidates and practitioners are happy and satisfied with all services we offer. Once again, we want to ensure that our services are constantly evolving to meet needs of candidates and market trends.

Find out more about Gegs

If you want to find out more about the European Project GEGS, write to Jobiri team or click here.

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